Español jurídico en conexto is an innovate way for you to learn authentic Spanish criminal proceedings terminology and phraseology. This course is divided into 11 modules. Each, into three sections: Terminología in context, with English equivalents; Documentación, texts for sustained reading; and Evaluación, to test your learning.

You will get a 316-page book with up-to-date material from several Spanish-speaking countries; biweekly meetings via Zoom with the professor for individual instruction and assessment; and a Certificate of Achievement, in case you need written proof of Professional Development.

El bloque temático del Español jurídico en contexto es el siguiente: Acusaciones y Denuncias, Delitos, Derechos de la persona, Amparos, Citaciones, Notificaciones y Ordenes, Peticiones, Audiencias y Juicios, Sentencias, y Apelaciones.

You can start this 8-week course at any time. To apply, please contact Dr. José L. Varela-Ibarra at 

Nota bene: Si usted desea seguir el curso en la modalidad de autoestudio, puede adquirir el Español Jurídico en Contexto en